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Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Saying Goodbye To My Toddler

It may sound strange but over the last few weeks I have had to come to terms with saying goodbye to my toddler. No she isn't going anywhere and nor am I, but there has been quite a few moments where I have thought, this is it, my toddler has gone.

They say the toddler stage is between 1 -3 years old and Darcie being a full on three year old she has definitely come to the end of that stage, in fact she came to the end of that stage a long time ago but I just couldn't admit it. She is now my little girl.

The toddler stage is one where a lot of developmental milestones takes place from turning pages of a book through to speaking in sentences, there are so many special moments sometimes it's hard to comprehend just how much they take in and learn at this stage in their lives. I know it baffles me.

It's hard to think that I have a little girl who doesn't fit the baby/toddler category anymore - she is a small child now and I just don't know where that time went. When becoming a parent time really does just fly by, the newborn stage may seem to drag, with those sleepless nights but in reality those precious first few months are over in a flash.

With that in mind it has made me realise how much I will treasure those moments with my little boy when he arrives, especially as it is highly likely he will be my last. Looking back to those first few weeks with Darcie though they were special they are a bit of a blur, a happy blur, reminding me to make sure I capture all those first moments.

Darcie is now the type of girl who enjoys playing mummy & daddy's, tag, cowgirls, puzzles and has left behind her toddler ways. She has her own mind, know's her likes and dislikes and often (tries) to put me in my place. We can have full on chats about the future and hopes and dreams and often share giggles with our own private jokes.

Though this is new territory, its one that is so heartwarming, a stage in her life that will be here until she reaches her early school years. Though saying goodbye to a little toddler has been a hard one to accept, I am very much enjoying my little pre-schooler.

Mummy B xoxox

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