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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

An adventure in the heather | OOTD

September is my favourite month, it's my birthday and soon to be the month where we become a family of four. Not only this, but it is one of the most beautiful times of year where autumn starts to show its colours. This morning, in a bid to stretch our legs and let Darcie have an adventure, we headed to our favourite walking spot Wortham Ling. 

It was a beautiful clear crisp morning, with the heather in full bloom and the sun sweeping across the glistening grass, it was a truly beautiful setting. Luckily I remembered my camera to capture some shots of my ever growing girl. As I said in my 'Saying Goodbye to my Toddler' post she really has grown lately and I felt I hadn't captured that many memories this summer. So my goal for the rest of the year is to make sure I take more photos on my "big" camera.


I thought I would also share with you her outfit, because it's absolutely beautiful and I'm rather envious. Seriously her wardrobe is better than my own. Her Dress is from Zara, Jacket, Tights and Boots are all from Next.

Whilst Darcie, Daddy and Lady all had a lovely time tearing up the heath, I was left behind waddling along. At 38 weeks pregnant I am struggling to walk - he is rather low, ouch! But, the main thing was that Darcie got some much needed fresh air and was able to burn up some energy. It hasn't been the funnest of times for her with my constant hospital appointments and although she has been so so patient, it was nice to see her exploring and giggling away with her dad.

Less than a week to go before baby boy's arrival, hoping for quality time with our little family before the chaos ensues! 

Mummy B xoxox


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