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Monday, 26 October 2015

Adding Shabby Chic to Your Garden

The shabby chic style doesn’t have to be contained inside. It wouldn’t take much effort to spruce up your garden with some shabby chic elements. Use a combination of natural, weathering wood and pastel-coloured flowers. With shabby chic it’s important to embrace the imperfections. Distressed and timeworn furniture is the essence of shabby chic decorating. Add tins of flowers and keep the weathered wood if you can. 

Shabby chic interior decorating is full of floral prints and pastels. You can easily mimic this style outside in your garden with flowers such as light pink roses and hydrangeas. If you already have a passion for gardening, make this space shabby chic and functional If you have an area that you can make into a shed, do it. Add a screen door and some shelves for pots, supplies and tools. Add some wicker chairs for comfortable seating and for a feminine touch, use floral seat cushions.

If your house is vintage and classic, try to use as much of the original pieces as you can. Don’t unnecessarily paint over wood. Natural wood has a great, shabby chic, aesthetic look about it and it gives the home a lot of character. Shabby chic can be considered whimsical. If you have kids, this is a great opportunity to use that extra space in the card for a playhouse. Paint it pastel and add some flowers around it. Forget about borders. Plant your flowers such as lavender and peonies, openly and freely. This look will capture a French cottage vibe. 

Don’t forget what shabby chic is all about - repurposing. You can repurpose almost anything. Take an old sink or iron tub and use it as a birdbath or pour some soil and plant flowers to liven up your garden. If you don’t want to go full shabby chic, mix it up with your modern taste. Use the distressed wood design but add bold colours instead of pastels for a bit of modernity. 

Make your garden completely functional with a sleeping porch. If you have the space and the appropriate weather, add a shabby chic bed with loose linens and a crystal chandelier and sleep beneath the stars. Your shabby chic lifestyle doesn’t have to be contained to just the interior of your home, take it outside. With nature already doing its part, you can instantly create a shabby chic space with some of these easy and simple tips. 

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