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Monday, 26 October 2015

Siblings | October

Another month seeing these two grow. I already can't believe how much Henry has changed, and too Henry's and Darcie's relationship. They're interacting more and more as the days go on. Henry has started to "chat" and Darcie loves it! I have been given the role as interpretation as Darcie is always saying "mummy what is he saying?!", we have lots of fun, Henry is quite the story teller! He is also smiling and doing this goofy half attempt at a giggle, normally this is again directed at Darcie. It's strange how he has already become quite attached to his big sister.

Darcie is being ever so helpful, just as she has been from the beginning. I feel very blessed that she is so helpful, she never whinges if I ask her to fetch more nappies for the changing bag or to get him a clean vest. She does it all with a smile on her face and bursting with pride. 

I have started bathing them together this month too, and it's one of Darcie's favourite things to do. She again helps bathe him, but also like to show him all her bath toys and have a gentle splash. Whilst Henry can't do much other than smile, he is very happy and content at this time of day - just chilling with his sister!

I feel like next month these two will change even more so, as the newborn faze is slowly fading away. I'm so thankful I decided to write my blog and work on my photography, it's lovely to keep these special moments for us to look back on. 
dear beautiful

Mummy B xoxox


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