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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Henry at Two Months old

Henry is two months old, in actual fact he is ten weeks old today! These last 10 weeks have been some of my happiest, I definitely feel that our little family is now complete after his arrival. My heart feels whole. 

So what's new this month?

Henry is awake a lot more now. He enjoys playing on his play mat and interacting with us, he is quite the chatter box at times. It's nice to see a little more of his personality peeping through, giving us glimpses at whats to come.

He is still completely breastfed, I'm so proud that I have managed to feed him this long and we're still going strong. He loves his milk and is such a good feeder. Last time he was weighed, at 8 weeks, he was 11lb 13oz so I would imagine he is quite a bit bigger than this now. 

At 8 weeks he also had his jabs. It's never easy to see your little ones go through this but he was such a trooper and only cried whilst she was doing it. He did get a temperature, but I think that's normal now with the new meningitis vaccine. 

Sleeping is becoming hit and miss. Some night's he will do a good four hour stretch in between feeds and other times he is constantly feeding through the night. I have been very tempted to just keep him in our bed, but co-sleeping at his age does scare me a little. He will very shortly out grow his moses basket and so may be soon in his own room (as his cot will not fit in our room) or I'm thinking about a co-sleeping crib. Any thoughts would greatly be appreciated!

As always, we love you lots Henry.

Mummy B xoxox

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