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Sunday, 15 November 2015


"Hello readers,

It's Lady here, my human writes Mummy B and she asked me to have a word with you all about what it's like to be a member of Mummy B HQ. Firstly, she think's she is the one who looks after everyone, but I'll let you into a little secret - it's actually me. It can be quite hard being the family dog so let me tell you about a typical day....

6am - The Personal Alarm - Yes, every morning I like to go into their rooms, wagging my tail to be shore to knock a few things to stir them and let them know that it is time to get up. You would think in this day and age they would have a devise that could do this for them.

7am - Breakfast - Whilst my human appears to be capable of making breakfast, it's the tidying up she struggles with. The little human, Darcie, is particularly messy. Often dropping her toast all over the floor, naturally I make sure it's all cleaned up before the bigger humans notice. 

8am - 10am Childs Entertainer - The little humans require lots of entertaining, it's very tiring but so rewarding too. Our favourite games are fetch and hide n seek. I'm particularly good at seeking!!

11 am - Fend off the Letter Monster - So one of my pet hates is the post man. With this blogging gig that my human has going on she get's a lot of mail, and I'm constantly trying to tell him to stop putting those bit's of paper through that hole in the door. But every day is the same. I must try harder.

12.30 pm - Lunch - Same as breakfast, these little humans never learn.

1.30 pm - Me Time - At last I normally get some peace around this time, I like to give myself some time out from the humans and will go find somewhere to nap. I will nap until the little human is bored.

3.30-5.30pm - Warn Off Intruders - Of course this is a very important task, one in which my humans just don't understand. They're always telling me to shhh. But I hate it when other pesky human's walk past the house. They're not very bright these humans as it's always the same people that walk past.

6pm - Dinner - Same as before. I'm also available for snack times too.

7.30pm - Bedtime - Another important role. It's my job to ensure the little human, Darcie, sleeps. I like this job, I lay by her bed until she's asleep. The big humans discovered I had magical sleep inducing powers when she was 1, I have now had this job title for over two years.

As you can tell it is hard work being a member of Mummy B HQ, but it does come with it's rewards.

Lady xoxox "

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Mummy B xoxox
*PR Collaboration. 

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