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Friday, 8 January 2016

Making 'We' Time

When you have little ones getting any quality time for yourselves can feel like a rare occurrence, and you begin to forget what it was like having some time as a couple without the demands of tots. But for your own sanity and the sake of your relationship it’s important to set aside evenings, even just a few hours to spend as a couple, enjoying each others company, and having to the chance to be yourselves rather than mum and dad. If once a week simply isn’t achievable, diarise an evening with your other half once a month, and ensure that you both stick to it and commit. 

Of course the real difficulty always lies in finding something different to do rather than the usual dinner or cinema date, although this may feel like a luxury in itself. This list of ideas should help to reinvent your date night and make you feel as though the world is your oyster, even if it’s just for one evening. 

Alphabet Dates

This is a date trend that celeb parents McFly’s Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are currently pursuing on their Instagram and it’s one anyone us can adopt. The method is simple, you assign different dates according to the letters of the alphabet, so A could be afternoon tea, art museum, or B could be bowling etc. You get the idea.  If you feel a little stuck Cosmopolitan created this list going through the full alphabet from A-Z, so you’ll soon be well on your way to find new and fun ideas to enjoy together. 

Learn Together

When was the last time that you learnt something new? Let’s be honest, if you’re juggling work and little ones then you’ve probably not taken up any new hobbies recently, but taking part in a cookery class together or even a dance class, can give you both something new to take part in and have a giggle whilst doing it. Who knows you might even continue doing it. 

Play Swap

If yourself and your partner already have individual hobbies, why not spend a day or evening having a go. You can learn so much about your partner and gain a better understanding for their passion if you’ve tried it for yourself. This can be a fun bonding experience and bring a much deeper level of love to your relationship. 

Pick & Mix

Sometimes going on a date that involves dipping into essential funds is just not viable, especially when you have little ones to pay for. So to stick to a budget and still come up with some creative ideas that inject a little spontaneity into dates, make your partner and yourself write down a list of budget friendly ideas and pop them into a jar, then when it comes to date night you have to pick out an idea and just do it! The randomness and creativity will keep you on toes, and keep the bank balance healthy. 

Big Events

Be it Valentines day or a special anniversary in your relationship, sometimes a dinner date just doesn’t cut it for a big celebration, so rather than stick to the usual date night ideas. Explore some alternatives that can offer once in a lifetime experiences. Whether you book a concert, a mini break to a city you’ve never been to or perhaps visiting magician Oliver B at the exclusive W Hotel, do something that is worthy of ticking off a bucket list, even if it’s once a year, you’ll be able to look back and remember a special time together.

Mummy B xoxox

*Guest Post.


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