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Thursday, 3 March 2016

Decorating a Family Friendly Home

Decorating a family friendly home
by Erika Winters Design

A consideration for expecting parents should always be the interior decor and design of the home as a whole, for it is not just the nursery that deserves special attention. Naturally, from the moment baby takes the first steps and begins exploring the living environment and hidden corners of the house, the situation changes dramatically as he/she is no longer confined to the baby room. 
Parents must pay particular care that every part of the house has a baby cornerParents must pay particular care that every part of the house has a baby corner where the toddler can spend time playing under the watchful eye of mum and dad. This way, parents can pursue their daily activities around the house feeling more secure knowing that the baby’s needs are taken care of and that baby essentials (nappies, cleaning supplies, toys) are always ready to hand. At this young age toddler's and children like to spend as much time as possible with their parents, so this also reinforces the feeling of security for the baby - and for the parents as well. 

To fulfill all your needs there are some excellent high quality interior design brands such as Minotti. Its prestigious collection by world famous designers can be purchased online and carries everything to make your home a baby-friendly place: wall lighting accessories and creative designs such as the Wearing or Denny Poufs, the Twombly chair, the Pony carpet, Luggage Chaise Lounge and the Archipenko sideboards, cabinets and chests of drawers are only some of the great artistic ideas to decorate and refurnish your family-friendly home. 

Removing hazardous furniture that has sharp corners or replacing it with soft and padded material is always a good idea; toys and mattresses to sit on can be placed strategically in safe corners of the kitchen, well away from utensils or the stove so the baby can enjoy mum’s company while she’s busy cooking. The bathrooms can also be turned into a safe and enjoyable haven for the baby, so that mom can do her toiletry while the baby plays in the bathtub with squeaky toys or rolls around on a soft bathmat. Wall lighting is safer than having electrical cords lying around and so are Sisal carpets which can be easily cleaned as opposed to expensive Persian carpets. 

Adapting the interior design of the home to the various stages of your child’s growth is the best strategy to ensure that your child matures in perfect harmony with the surrounding living environment. Check this article for some useful tips that will help you decorate your home according to the age of your kids. Creating space and freeing passageways from clutter or unnecessary furniture will ensure that the entranceways from one section of the house to the next offer ample space without endangering the child. Multi-drawer cabinets or movable/floatable shelving units are extremely useful for saving space without forsaking valuable furniture or decor objects with sentimental value. They can be used to store everything from dirty laundry, nappies, cleaning accessories, toys and more.

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*Article in collaboration with Mary

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