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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Encouraging the older generation to get online

To me, life would seem strange without the aid of the Internet. No daily social interaction with friends who do not live close by, no quick "oh I'll just google that" moments, in fact when I think about how much I use the Internet for different aspects of my life, the thought of not being able to use it terrifies me slightly! Some people may think that is slightly odd, but I'm pro technology and social media and think it's such a fantastic thing (if used correctly!). 

The older generation is more likely to have no interaction with the Internet, I know my own grandparents  have nothing to do with it, nor do they have the desire to learn about the Internet. But I can't help but think how nice it would be if they were. For example, they could read what me and the kiddies get up to on a daily basis. Of course, I see them regularly and phone them. But I love the ability to be able to instantly chat and share memories on social media or email. 

So it got me thinking, how could I encourage the older generation to get online and discover the wonders of the Internet. 

For a lot of pensioners, loneliness is something that is sadly common. But the Internet can provide much needed and wanted social interaction from the comfort of their own home. Of course using a computer may be daunting for some and there are many courses available to help people build confidence using computers and the internet. An alternative to a computer and something that may be easier to navigate is a tablet/Ipad. I was super impressed when I recently saw my Great Aunt, whom I hadn't seen in years, whip out her Ipad! She's in her 80's! Introduce them to the likes of social media, pictures can be shared easily with family and its such a wonderful thing. If they can't get their head around that, then why not just try email?

The internet is such a useful resource, especially for those who enjoy history, searching their family tree's etc - it's the perfect way to expand knowledge and help with hobbies. For example, by browsing on websites like Genealogy Bank (check it out here), you can find all sorts of information about your family history. I for one will never understand how people complete degree's without the aid of Mr. Google!

Of course it's all about expanding knowledge, the internet offer's the opportunity to have a bit of fun too. You could encourage them to get on with online bingo - I know that's something my own Nan would have probably enjoyed. I remember playing the odd game or two with her in her care home. 

The internet can be a wonderful tool for the older generation and helping them to be able to use it is something that can actually be enjoyable in itself. A lot of people say that the internet has lead people to being anti-social, but I believe it can provide a lifeline to many people who perhaps are feeling isolated.

Mummy B xoxox
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