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Thursday, 7 April 2016

What I've Been Loving Lately (March)

I'm still in shock it's April already. 2016 needs to slow down. I thought I would do a "What I've been loving lately" post as I haven't done one in a while. Personally, I love reading these post's so thought you may do too! Let's jump in.


I have fallen back in love with my Naked Basic's pallet. When I first purchased it (two years ago) I wasn't entirely sure whether I liked it or not. But I have been reaching for it over and over again these past few months. The lighter shades definitely help me look more awake, which is something I have been needing more recently!


I have rediscovered Spotify and I'm loving it! I just have the free version, but I love some of the playlist they have that you can stream. A couple of my favourite playlists are "Acoustic Commute", "Feelgood Acoustics"& "Folksy Covers". We often just stick the music on in the morning, I have been staying clear of putting the news on as it just seems to depress me more and more!


There are quite a few programmes I enjoy watching. The hubby and I have become hooked on Limitless the spin-off show from the movie starring Bradley Cooper (who is actually one of the show's producers). I adore the main character Finn, so loveable and funny too. I'm intrigued to see where it's going. Ok, so here come some guilty pleasures... I have been loving Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Geordie Shore. There is something I find uber relaxing about watching trash tv. I usually blog, reply to emails or even play a bit of free bingo whilst I'm watching. It's nice to be able to switch off after a long day with something that's not going to give me brain ache!

HIIT Workouts

So even though I did get an injury during March, I have been loving HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts by The Body Coach. They're easy to do in your livingroom, so perfect to fit around the kiddies- plus you feel like you've worked out your entire body! I'm going to start back up again next week now my knee feels healed (hurrah!).


I have been strangely loving evenings when I don't really know what to cook and end up chucking things together to make some kind of concoction. These have mainly consisted of curries & slow cooked stews but they've been divine! This is my favourite cooking because there are no expectations that it's going to turn out nice, but you're always pleasantly surprised!

So there we have March's favourites, April is shaping up nicely - mainly due to my new camera that arrived today! I would love to know what you've been loving lately.

Mummy B xoxox
*Collaborative Post


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