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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Monochrome Bathroom Ideas

Ok, so I'm a little late to the monochrome fan club. But more and more recently I have become drawn the simplistic beauty of monochrome. I had to admit, I still like of splash of colour here and there, but I think that is another reason I'm seemingly loving monochrome so much more - it makes those pop of colours even more eye-catching. So whilst I have been thinking of monochrome, I looked at perhaps making our bathroom more in this style adding it to the to-do list I mentioned in the Home Sweet Home Tag in did over on my YouTube channel.

I think this look would be relatively easy to achieve. Most suites are white and so a monochrome theme could easily come to life. A few key pieces, as pictured above, would give any bathroom a clean and modern look and oh so Pinterest.

Of course, for a bigger project, you could include  changes such as flooring a lighting to really tie the whole look together. Marble is completely coming back and whilst such a classic material, it does seemingly give that modern edge too. Perhaps adding copper light shades or an alternative metal could break up the monochrome slightly.

To take the project to a whole new level why not add a beautiful black shower cabin or a monochrome rolled top bath tub? Spending a little bit extra on a bath or shower can really make a bathroom not only look amazing but give you a little bit of luxury in your own home. In our own bathroom our suit doesn't really need replacing, but the bath is something I would consider changing if we could.

Having a beautiful (toy free) bathroom is something I'm working hard to achieve. I crave a little bit of escape in my own home and the bathroom seems the obvious choice.

Do you like monochrome? Have you incorporated it into your own home?

Mummy B xoxox

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