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Monday, 6 June 2016

Darcie's Turned Four

Four year's ago I was preparing myself for the most anticipated moment of my life, the birth of my beautiful and bright little girl. It doesn't seem possible that I now have a four-year-old and she will soon be embarking on school. This four year has made me see just how truly blessed me and my husband are, she's has been the most incredible gift who continues to teach and remind us of all the wonders that life brings.

At four years old, she has such a passion for the world around her. She constantly wants to learn and question everything. Whilst this drives me slightly bonkers at times, I must hear "Why?" about three million times a day, I know this is that passion for learning creeping through. She is so wise for a four-year-old too, telling me it's ok to make mistakes. This kid.

Anyway, to celebrate this girls fourth birthday we decided to make it extra special and take her to LegoLand for a little getaway. When we eventually told her our plans, she became so excited. She had seen the adverts on TV and was always asking to go. We decided to have two days in the park and one night in the Hotel followed with a night at her Aunts and Uncles in Winchester followed by a day of fun in the New Forest.  We wanted to include a trip to see them as they will be moving over to sunny California at the end of this month!

I will do a full review of LegoLand in another post, but for now enjoy some of the photo's from Darcie's birthday fun...

Make sure you pop back soon for my full review and guide to LegoLand.

Mummy B xoxox


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