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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

The Importance of Eating as a Family

We all know life can be hectic. Many families, like our own, have two breadwinners as well as raising their children. Trying to keep on top of everything, whilst maintaining family life can be a struggle but there is something we never skip, we never rush and that's a family meal. Yes, one of us may not be there due to work commitments (my husband works odd hours) but we ensure the table is set, telly and phones are off. Good food and conversation are all we need.

There are so many benefits as to why you should make time as a family to sit down together and eat without distractions. These include,
  • Children are more likely to have good eating habits
  • Lower risk of developing eating disorders
  • Perform better academically
Of course, it isn't all about nutrition, its an amazing time to socialise with loved ones. Discuss the day's events and reconnect  after what can be a hectic busy blur. The dinner table can be the perfect environment where children learn how to conduct conversations, observe good manners, serve others, listen, solve conflicts and compromise. Sometimes it's the perfect opportunity to just sit quietly together! 

In our home, we try and make dinner time as stress free as possible. Whilst one of us cooks the other will entertain the children. Colouring, puzzles or books are our favourite activities at this time of day. Although Henry quite often has other ideas and prefers to crawl through the maze of the table and chairs legs.

Sitting at a table is essential in my opinion. We used to have the odd occasion when we were kids where would sit on the sofa with a tray, but it was never the same as eating together at the table as a family. Lakeland Furniture got in contact and asked if we would like to review one of their dining tables. My mum was desperately looking for a small table so that she could have us and the children round for dinner more often. So I jumped at the opportunity and we found the perfect table. 

We opted for a small white 70" table with 4 DSW chairs. We were instantly drawn the iconic design and thought it would blend in beautifully with my mum's newly decorated living room. Priced at £399.99 I think this is a fairly reasonable price for such a beautiful dining set. 

Ordering the table and the delivery were a breeze. We actually missed the delivery, but the company rang me the next morning to rearrange and were incredibly accommodating. So we were very happy with the service too.

I hope our family meals continue to be a relaxing family affair, a time where we can reflect and connect.

I would love to know is what your families favourite meal is and how you enjoy family meals

Mummy B xoxox

*Item was sent for review, all thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own.

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