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Sunday, 3 July 2016

Hape Toys Block & Roller | Review

It always amazes me just how quickly little ones can grasp the concept of something. Henry has been no different and I feel like my baby boy is transforming into a toddler right before my eyes. He didn't seem to be a baby for long, learning to crawl at six months gave him so independence and confidence that I just wasn't prepared for. Our daughter didn't crawl until she was ten, almost eleven months so it was something that I just surprised me when he cracked it. Now at nine almost ten months Henry is cruising around the furniture and conquering the stairs. Keeping this little one entertained has been somewhat of a mission.

He is one active little boy, one of his favourite games is when his sister get's on the floor with him and they both crawl after a ball that I roll. It has them it fits of laughter as they both race to see who can get there first. The first time this happened my eye's literally filled with tear, my heart grew bigger and I sat back and watched their hysterics with nothing but feeling purely content. It's the simple thing's people. The simple things.

When I was introduced to Hape Toys, I felt this "simple things" concept embedded within their range. Classic wooden toys such as the Block and Roll, appealed to me and knew that this could possibly be something that Henry would love. We were offered the opportunity to review and just as expected it's a toy that Henry really enjoys playing with - along with his four year old sister. 

The walker has a simple design that allows them to transport colourful blocks to where ever their imagination takes them. It promotes fine motor skills, including dexterity and hand/eye coordination. The twenty blocks also fit perfectly into the walker which encourages problem solving, logic, matching, spatial relationships. As the toy is also a walker, it covers Gross Motor Skills too, boosting coordination, balance and physical strength. It really is a toy that covers so many learning elements, yet it keeps things simple and enjoyable for little ones.

I have been so pleased with this toy as even though he can quite happily play with it independently, it is also a toy that we all enjoy playing with as a family. Seeing his big sister encouraging him to walk and build "towns" really is a beautiful picture.

The Hape Block and Roll is currently available on Amazon for £33.76.

Mummy B xoxox

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