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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Alternative Ways to Display Your Memories

Making memories is what life is all about. Whether it’s remembering your first date, the date your littles ones were born (and their subsequent milestone along the way), or reliving your youth and the places you travelled too. 
Whilst nothing can beat keeping the memories alive in your head, it’s also nice to have them displayed about your home too. Not only will they add a dose of personality to your d├ęcor, but it’ll make a great talking point when guests are around and of course mean you get to enjoy them every day. 

Gallery Wall

If you’re on Pinterest (and who isn’t these days?!) then it’s likely you’ve seen the gallery wall pretty frequently on your daily scroll through the site. And there’s good reason for it too. The thrown together vibe pretty much lends itself to whatever kind of images you want to display. In fact, the bigger mix of prints and frames the better. 
In terms of hanging your photos right keep in mind these gallery wall tips; create a focal point in your display and arrange the rest of your frames around this. It’s also best to keep your wall colour fairly neutral and let the prints and photographs do the talking. 

Typography Print

Sometimes our memories aren’t in photographs, but in places or things we have experienced. Whilst you will undoubtedly have photos of these momentous occasions, it can be nice to mix things up a bit and display that special memory a little different. 
Typography prints are becoming increasingly popular, and you can find all kinds of different designs too. Whether you want to display the destinations you’ve visited, the place your first met, date you got married or had children the choices are endless. Of course if you’re a design and computer whizz you could also create one at home yourself for a fraction of the cost. 

Map Prints

Similar to typography prints, map prints are a lovely way to display your favourite locations, where you’re from or purchased your first home in a more abstract way. Some prints will even display the miles between two locations, particularly lovely if you’re from different ends of the country or met in an unusual way. 
You could even get a couple of different map prints of important locations to you and display them alongside each other – they’ll make a great talking point and add something different to your home. A coordinate print is also another way to display an important place in a quirky way.

Photo Box

Sometimes you just want the option to sift through your photos with a cup of tea and enjoy reliving another time. Plus, having a stack of photos ready to embarrass your littles ones on their 18th birthday or when they bring a partner home is always a bonus! 
Ditch the old fashioned photo album and opt for a photo box like this one instead for something that is both functional and looks pretty displayed on your bookcase or coffee table. You’ll be able to fill it up with as many photos as you like. 

With a few different ways to display all your favourite memories, all you need to do now is choose which option you go for.

Mummy B xoxox

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