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Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cotton Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Yesterday, as you will know if you're our regular reader, was mine and my husband's 2nd Wedding Anniversary. I'll be honest it crept up on me and with just over a week to go, I didn't have a clue what I was going to get for him. I did the usual and had a little look on Not on the Highstreet and Pinterest in order to gain a little inspiration. I decided to do one themed gift and one gift that I knew he'd been eying up.

For the themed present (cotton) I decided to get a little crafty and make him something, I was something similar on Pinterest and decided to take my own spin. I ordered a tea towel from Not on the High Street,  which can be personalised to show any area ok the UK (£24.99). I chose our hometown and was incredibly pleased with how it turned out - the quality is fantastic and doesn't feel like your average tea towel. I then stretched the towel in an embroidery hoop and sew a little house  with a heart button. I was pleased with how it turned out as my sewing skills are incredibly limited!!

The final gift was something I knew he wanted for a while. For some reason, he is very fond of the hare prints which are quite popular at the moment. He really likes the boxing hare print, but I'm hoping to save for an original in the future, however, I found this really beautiful painting on handmade paper which was presented in a glass metal frame. I knew it would make the perfect additional gift for my hubby.

My husband did incredibly well with my own gift, he did a cotton themed present also, this very cute print with a lace cotton heart complete with our vows and date of our wedding. He also created 10 cards each with a reason as to why he loves me. Yup, he's that cute. To add to the cuteness, I also received another present later on in the day when a delivery man handed me a little hamper filled with scones, cornish clotted cream and jam, plus tea bags, all from our favourite cafe - The Yellow Canary Cafe in St. Ives. A place I regularly got our breakfast from whilst on Honeymoon. I actually cried when I opened the hamper because of the incredible amount of thought that went into it. He also gave me a new coat (which I shared in my latest haul video). 

In the evening we all went to a local pub we had been wanting to try for some time and enjoyed the evening as a family, it was the perfect way to celebrate one of the happiest days of my life.

Mummy B xoxox


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