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Sunday, 25 September 2016


Tomorrow I turn 28. Here's 28 goals to reach by the time I'm 29.

1. Watch the sunrise from the boot of our car at the beach, snuggled up in a blanket drinking hot chocolate.
2. Pass my driving test.
3. Update the photo's around the house - we currently don't have one single photo of Henry up... Shocking!
4. Decorate the Hallway.
5. Purchase a lightbox.
6. Visit Wales
7. Lose two stone.
8. Take Darcie & Henry to Bewilderwood again.
9. Take at lease 5 pictures of us as a family of four. I think we have around 2 currently!
10. Save £1000, because I'm crap at saving.
11. Read all of my mum's books (books she has written).
12. Go camping.
13. See the fireworks at Alexandra Palace.
14. Have a Mummy and Daughter Date with Darcie.
15. Have a Mummy and Daughter date with Mum.
16. Complete an online photography course.
17. Re-decorate Darcie's room.
18. Start tap dancing again (need to complete goal 2 first though).
19. Sell Henry's and Darcie's old clothes/toys.
20. Have a night out with the girls.
21. Have more date nights with the boy.
22. Take a family bike ride.
23. Book a "big" holiday.
24. See another West End Show.
25. Make more vlogs.
26. Be less stressed.
27. Buy a new lens for my DSLR.
28. Go sailing. 

Do you have any "goals" you're are working towards?

Mummy B xoxox

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