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Monday, 19 September 2016

5 Ways to Save Money on Your Food Shop

If you're looking to make cut backs and save a little money, one of the areas you should take a good look at is your food shopping. It can be an area that you can make some big savings, by just doing a few simple things. 

It seems obvious, but I know I'm guilty of rushing out to the shops and not pre-planning for the week. When this happens it usually costs us around £20 more and we normally have to end up going to back after a few day's as we've forgotten so many items. So it really does pay to plan ahead. 

Online food shop

One for throwing random items in the shopping basket? Then online shopping really is for you. They will keep your favourite items on hand so it's super quick and easy to do your weekly shop. Plus there are lots of new customers offers you can take advantage of too.

Switch supermarket

If you're used to shops like Tesco and Morrisons, then why not give Aldi or Lidl a go? I was incredibly surprised when I made the switch earlier this year and have made massive savings by using Aldi. I was always quite a snob with my food shop, but I'm completely converted now.

Bulk Cook and Freeze.

Since doing the 90 Day SSS Plan (Joe Wicks, The Body Coaches nutrition plan), I have learnt the wonder of "prepping like a boss". On a Sunday I spend a few hours in the kitchen cooking meals for the week. That means I can stick it all the freezer and just pop it in the microwave when needed. I now get hardly any waste, it saves money and it's stress-free cooking. It may seem a faff to do it all in one day, but it saves you so much time during the week.


To make my meat go further, I tend to use half meat and half lentils. Saves money and it's actually much healthier too. Winning all round! 

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Do you have any tips to save money on your food shop?

Mummy B xoxox

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