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Sunday, 11 September 2016

5 Non-Sandwich Lunch Ideas

Summer is over and the kids are back to school. For most, mum's can breathe a sigh of relief. A summer filled with activities can take it's toll, so school can offer a welcomed break. But wait, you've still got to make the dreaded pack lunches, the ones your kid always moans at because it's the same old same old and it isn't as cool and Jim-bobs.

Thankfully, I haven't got that headache just yet, but I know many of you will relate. So here is a collection of the best kid lunches that are easy to make and some can be even prepared for the week ahead.


Wraps are a great alternative to your standard sandwich. Loaded with chicken, veg, salad, even fruit there's plenty of ways you can mix if up to keep your child interested.  Super Healthy Kids share their top 10 kid- friendly wraps here.


Pasta is a great lunchtime staple that will refuel your kids and is always a big favourite. Plus many recipes can be made ahead of the week. One pot pastas is something I love to cook, mainly because its fuss-free cooking and that the leftovers make fab lunches. Avocado pasta is once of my families favourites.


I have just recently got into making fritters since weaning Henry. Again they're so easy to make and are really popular amongst children. Make nice big batches which can be frozen or popped in the fridge. Our favourites are quinoa, veg and cheese fritters.


Pizza always tastes better the next day, am I wrong? Homemade pizza is really easy to make and you can even get the kids involved in the cooking too, we love having pizza night and I actually end up not doing that much work because Darcie just does it herself! Mini pizza's are also great for lunch boxes too.

Bento lunch

Bento lunches are proving to be very popular amongst parents. Inspired by Japanese cuisine, these lunchs usually contain an array of pick and mix foods which kids happily graze on. Darcie calls them Pick n Mix lunches and are always popular when friends come for lunch too.

I hope these have given you some ideas to banish away boring lunches. You can see more reciepes over on my Pinterest board (below).

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