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Thursday 6 October 2016

Ultimate Free Writing Printables for Pre-school/Reception Aged Children

School life is really in full swing in our house. Mad dashes to get out the door on time, constantly checking we've got everything in her book bag, ironing uniform, polishing shoes, constantly refreshing Tapestry to see what she's up too (what a wonderful invention that is!) - its actually been really lovely. Mainly because she was so ready and I can see she benefiting from it greatly.  Something we're really working hard on at home is her writing, being the one of the youngest I feel like anything extra we can do at home is only going to help her further and at this age, they love it!

Over on Pinterest, I have been scouring wonderful resources that we can use to help aid her learning and I thought I would share these with you in a series of blog posts. In this particular post, I will be sharing some amazing writing printables that you can use with your own little ones. Being a teacher myself,  I want to get Darcie into the habit of doing "homework" and try to make it something we do as a family. In reality, it can be so difficult as life is just so busy, but we're trying to do a little every day. Even if it's just at breakfast or dinner, a little something to keep her ticking over.

So here are a few fabulous free printables that I have discovered over the last few weeks...

Dinosaur Themed Writing Pack

For the dino fanatics, keeping writing and learning fun with a variety of activities to help fine tune writing and fine motor skills.

Upper and Lower Case Practice Sheet

Keeping it simple with an upper and lower case tracing sheet.

Letter of the Day

A fantastic resource which you could do once a day.

Simple Number Worksheet

Another simple yet fantastic resource for your little ones.

Perfect Handwriting

Fine tuning handwriting won't be a problem with this mammoth amount of free printables!

Upper and Lower Case with Directions

This resource helps guides children with their writing by providing directions on how to the move the pen when writing a particular letter.

Picture Perfect

Another letter tracing resource which includes picture tracing also. 

Talk it Through

A handy resource to help you guide your children when tackling numbers. Talking it through as they write really helps them to remember how to form letters and numbers.


A great place to start and help with fine motor skills.

Train Alphabet

For those train lovers. 

The Perfect Handwriting Tools

When learning to write we have also found a few tools which have been really helpful - especially as my son is left handed. Links to the links are affiliate but they’re all products that we have bought and loved.

Do you have any tips for helping your little ones practice their writing skills?

Mummy B xoxox


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