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Thursday, 15 December 2016

First Boyfriend at Age 4

Today my daughter came home and announced she had a boyfriend. She declared he was her best friend and when they grew up they would marry. Of course, I know this is all innocent, things that we all experience through childhood but I couldn't help but notice my hubby's face.

He was heartbroken.

Darcie started to tell us on the way home from school about her day, how this boy, let's call him Bob, had told her how pretty her hair was. How at lunchtime they sat together and Darcie plucked up the courage to ask to be his friend, Bob replied, "you can be my girlfriend if you like". She then got all giggly and told us she said yes, then stated, "oh I'm so embarrassed".

When did I get a teenager?!

So whilst I start planning the wedding, my Hubby is sat with a broken heart. His response? "I'm the only boy she should need". Good forbid they ask for a playdate, I fear the poor boy will get interrogated. Jamie has always encouraged Darcie to be independent, but I feel that perhaps he now wants her to stay at home with us forever - bless him!

They're currently having Daddy Daughter time whilst writing her Christmas cards, though Bob seems to be to hot topic.

This is a post for your 18th Darcie B, your first love.

Mummy B xoxox


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