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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

11 Years with Him

On the 5th February, I and my husband will be celebrating 11 year's since we fell head over heels for each other. 11 years seem's crazy to me, how can it be 11 years? As I get older, time seems to become blurred, the day's merge together and months seem to be passing before my eyes. We'll soon be preparing for Easter before I know it!

The last 11 years have truly been wonderful, not to sound like a cliche, but I'm so thankful to have found him. We squabble, annoy each other - but we have such a strong bond, no matter how much he continues to put wet towels on the bed - I'll still love him. 

These 11 years haven't been easy, two children, buying a house and career challenges have made for stressful times. We seem to pick each other up, we know how each other works. Supporting each other when we need it, giving each other space or motivating each other when we're feeling lost or uninspired. It's a pretty nice feeling to know he's got my back and of course, I've got his (yeah, I really am going the whole hog with cliches!).

But then, I guess that's why I married him and chose to have children with him.

Today when he picked me up from work Ed Sheeran was playing on the radio. I suddenly remembered that his tickets went on sale today for his new tour. Two years ago hubby got me tickets for his last concert. Two weeks later we found out I was pregnant with Henry and realised I would be heavily pregnant - trying to bop along in the standing section wouldn't be a good idea. So we sold the tickets.  My husband replied to my statement, "yes they sold out in minutes." I felt a little sad that once again I would be missing out on my favourite musician.

Then I saw a sneaky grin on his face. The kind of grin a kid makes when you know they've peeped at their presents. I immediately knew what he'd done. He had managed to get us tickets.

I immediately felt overwhelmed. Completely didn't see that coming as an anniversary present.
I had been dropping hints that it was about time I was given an eternity ring. I had been eying up a beautiful antique ring with four diamonds to represent me, Hubby, Darcie & Henry - but I think I will forgive him for a weekend away in Manchester seeing Ed!

He's a good egg.

Mummy B xoxox

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