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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Learning to let go of Negativity

Sometimes in life, we can feel trapped. A relationship that's going nowhere, a career that brings you no joy, self-doubt - we've all been there, me included and it's bloody hard. Life has a tendency to knock us down, throw us off course, all of which can cause you to question everything. It's a horrid feeling.

Stress, worry and negativity can leave you feeling defeated - but how about trying to embrace the fear? Help it drive you to succeed or overcome obstacles? Or accept something and just let it go?

I know, easy for me to say right? But sometimes we need a reality check.

We all have hardships, bad days, our own personal struggles. That age old saying - 'there is always someone worse off than you' and well that's kind of true.  Perhaps we need to stop dwelling on the bad points and celebrate all the good in our lives - even if it's just the simplest of things. You can either choose to continue to feel bad about yourself or a situation or take responsibility for your own happiness. 

Why should you let someone or something rob you of that?

Focusing on the now and not dwelling on the past is a good way to start. I'm starting a gratitude type series on my blog, of all the things that make me happy and thankful. I'm even doing this with my children too (or though Henry is obviously too young), I will ask them to tell me one thing that has made them happy and one thing that they are thankful for, every day. It's a great way to start a conversation with your little one - starting a culture of thinking positively from a young age.

Aiming to have less negativity in your life, the less negative you will be in yourself. Try and surround yourself with things/people that encourage positivity. In the modern world we live in, it's so easy to get suckered into a negative outlook. The news, social media are often there in our face daily. Telling us the awful things that are happening or how Jane just can't seem to catch a break on her latest Facebook rant. Pointless drama and malicious gossip are sources of negativity that are easy to spot and are things that you should try and never be a part of. They do nothing but bring people down and engage people in things that matter very little, if at all.

The quote by Jim Rohn’s rings so true -

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” 

I personally think this is spot on, as the people you spend time with are either bringing you up or bringing you down. Also, negative people usually have self-defeating mindsets, and the more time you spend around these people, the more you will start to believe them.

Surround yourself with people how naturally lift you, spend time with them, soak up their positivity. It's amazing how people's moods can rub off on you.

I also try to find a little bit of calm each day. It helps me to keep a positive outlook and rid my mind of negative thoughts. I have been an avid user of the Calm App for some time - it helps me when I can't sleep, when I'm having a bad bout of anxiety and even have guided sessions for 

  • non-judgement
  • forgiveness
  • gratitude
  • happiness

Just want to add that this post isn't sponsored by them, I just genuinely have found this to be an incredibly life changing app. Helping me to change my mindset, for a better more positive future.

If you have any tips to rid your life of negativity I would love to hear them.

Mummy B xoxox


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