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Friday, 20 January 2017

The Happy List #2

Another week has zoomed by, one crazy, hectic, kind of glad it's over but don't want to moan about it, week. Let's just say we've had some quite significant challenges to contend with, not just the head spin of Donald Trump becoming president, but we've reached Friday. That's certainly something to be happy about.

With some challenges, I still think it's incredibly important to reflect on all the positive and good that has happened this week;

  • My phone got repaired! I embraced my phone detox and enjoyed not being so dependent/attached to it - I must remember this when I find myself constantly reaching for it. 

  • Darcie's reading is getting better and better. I'm really loving listening to her read, it's amazing how children learn new skills so quickly.

  • Henry is starting to try and say more words, we've had what sounds like 'duck', 'rabbit', 'car', 'gone'.

  • The day job has been lovely, some fab lessons (hi students if you're reading, I've heard rumours you are).

  • Blog work is certainly taken off and this month is set to be my best month ever! January is normally a fairly quiet month for blog work, so I'm hoping this is setting up 2017 nicely.

  • A wonderful PR company randomly sent me another pair of beautiful shoes as a way to beat the January blues - so thoughtful!

  • I made some more headway on my new project.

  • We've had some absolutely beautiful mornings here in Norfolk, beautiful orange skies and frost - the perfect combination - totally me #momentsofhygge for this week.

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What have been your happy moment's this week?

Mummy B xoxox

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