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Friday 24 February 2017

My Ticking Time Bomb | Henry

He runs through the house, yelling like a banshee, usually tripping over thin air. He likes to find the corners of every single piece of furniture and sports a "bad-ass" scar across his lips. He goes by the name of Henry James.

I'm all about not stereotyping gender, but my god. That boy, is totally a BOY.

The hubby has written a day in the life of Henry style post, enjoy.

Daddy Vs Henry

Henry sleeps. All is calm. The mess that had been made is now being cleared. I'm ready for round two. Who am I kidding? I'm exhausted, I'm burnt out and I don't know what form he may take when he wakes up.

The Sleepy Cuddler

The boy is ill/tired and just wants to cuddle. Nothing in the house gets done, equally no more mess is him... the staus quo. I do like these days, watching something together, having some loving cuddles.

The Norm

The boy goes around in circles playing with various different groups of toys carefully; Cars, books, figurines, all organised by the wife of course (I have no idea why she insists of what seems to be the Dewey system for toys). The boy has completely destroyed this organisation. He prefers anarchy. A 1 year old Sex Pistol attitude, GOD SAVE THE QUEEN!!

The Crazy Banshee Attack

He's a bit excited,  I have no idea why. What I do know is that the weatherman did not predict the crazy child stormthat'ss about to sweep in.

That look they give you starts it off. The BOOM he is running around tripping over his feet, yelling like a Indian Banshee going into battle.

The worst bit is, before he starts, he has taken a dump. He has filled that nappy, knowing that if you don't change it in the next 30 seconds, it's gonna blow. Does he give in easy? Not a chance! He's off like a wild dog gone nuts running around the house. You spend a good 5 minutes trying to wrestle and then you admit partial defeat.

The battle is lost but the war is not. You have two tactics left while the banshee is like this, bribery distraction (biscuit etc) or outsmart him. Pretend you're as crazy as him. Get him close and then kaboom, bring him down.

The banshee attack is normally when his oop's moments occurs. So full of laughter and mischief and not fully concentrating on his surroundings. It happens. Making sure your little one is safe at home can be a difficult task. I always thought our home was pretty safe, but he still manages to find corners and get scraps and bumps. Why not try this quiz to see if your home is baby safe?

What moods/personalities does your little one have? I'm sure when you go through them, you have a smile on your face, realising that his/her character defines him/her and that you're actually proud that at they have more game plan than you realise on a day to day basis.

Daddy B xoxox

*Collaborative Post


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