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Sunday, 26 February 2017

How to Hygge with Kids

If you've read my post "Hygge isn't just blankets and candles" then you will know that Hygge is something we've completely embraced in our house. Taking pleasures in the simple things, making ordinary moments more beautiful. Children are, in many ways, hygge experts. They can turn the most simplest of things into an adventure, always having a unique outlook on the world. They are the masters of being in the here and now.

For many Danish families, hygge is the glue that holds the family together. In hygge, we feel each other's presence and feel connected. With our modern hectic life, hygge helps to bring us back to the here and now. It can be the nightly ritual of snuggling up to read a story together or even just sitting down for dinner, together.

With littler ones, like us (4 and 1), you may be wondering how hygge can be beneficial and how it can be even done. If you've read my me vs bedtime post, you'll know just what I'm on about. Little ones, don't seemingly like to just sit a snuggle all day. 

Well today, was totally a hygge day for me.

We snuggled in bed until 8am. We made up stories, chatted, cuddled. 

We went for a walk through our local Fen, exploring the swampy land and building bridges/dams. I wore Henry in my Tula baby carrier (something which is completely hygge to me), trampled through mud, rolled down hills (not me and Henry!). It was lovely. Completely focused on just our little family. No distractions from the outside world. For saying we were 2 mins away from our house, it felt like we had escaped completely.

Once we got home, it was football time. Jamie snuggled Henry whilst he then fell asleep and me and Darcie baked brownies.

It was perfect. We reconnect after a week of busy schedules, parties and full workloads. 

So how do you become a Hygge Parent?

Leave personal drama/work/worries at the door. There are other times to focus on any problems you may be having. Hygge is about creating a safe place to relax with your family and enjoy having that comfort around you.

Turn off phones/ipads (or turn off notifications) so you're not distracted and give children your full attention. Of course, that doesn't mean you need to do this all of the time, but when you're wanting to hygge this is key.

Make it a daily/weekly routine. It makes children feel safe and they will know that it is associated with something nice and comfortable.

Try to make an effort to create a nice cosy atmosphere. Maybe light some candles (out of reach of little ones of course), play a game or bake a cake. Part of the ‘hygge’ phenomenon starts with the preparations you do together.

Do you enjoy hygging with your kids?

Mummy B xoxox


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