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Monday, 13 March 2017

Living in the Now | Wells-Next-The-Sea

Last week I was struck down with an awful bug, stomach cramps galore that left me exhausted which resulted in me sleeping the week away. Incredibly frustrating when I'm so motivated at the moment with work and the blog. Saturday morning, I was feeling a lot brighter, cramps had basically disappeared and I was feeling slightly cabin feverish. We decided to have a drive out to Wells-Next-The-Sea, to take our new car out for a spin and have a little walk along the beach. Nothing too strenuous I wasn't feeling up to much.

We had a wonderful day, just being. I had annoyingly forgotten my "big" camera, which I think my husband was secretly happy about. I tend to go into blog mode, scoping out nice shots, stressing over the fact I haven't got THE shot. It never put's a dampener on the day, but I tend to put myself under pressure because I want nice content. So today was different. Today I could just be.

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly given a Toddler Tula, so I was able to have Tula cuddles with Henry. This is an instant mood lifter for me, it's a closeness I've missed since we stopped breastfeeding at 16 months and babywearing brings those feelings back, in a lovely way. It's a different way of sharing the world with your child, allowing them to see the world from your view point, I'm preferring it to a pushchair at the moment.

Day's like this I adore, no plans, going with the flow. It means there are no expectations. No pressure. Jamie actually turned to me at one point and said "I feel like we're in Cornwall". It wasn't because it reminded him of Cornwall as such, but he was referring to the fact that in that moment he was feeling completely stress-free and content. Something which we experienced a lot of on honeymoon in Cornwall - I completely agreed, in that moment we were very happy and content.

It reminded us just how overdue a holiday we are, maybe we'll even book a little break to Well's even if  it is close to home.

Mummy B xoxox 


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