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Monday, 20 March 2017

Sharing our passions with little ones

Car's, love them or hate them, they're an integral part of our day to day life. For some, they're their pride and joy, a labour of love. For others, they're just a means of getting from a to b. For me and my family, they're a little bit of a passion. Particular cars holding key memories from our families past. We recently bought a new family car and my daughter sadly said she would miss our old blue car. I asked her why and she replied "because of all our adventures", it's funny how we associate cars with memories and have emotional ties with them. Honda is currently launching the new generation of the Honda Civic, a car which my own Dad had (around when I was 17 and I was desperate to drive it!!) and they've asked me to take a trip down memory lane, just like they have with Vertu Honda's history timeline. 

Growing up, we had a tonne of cars. In fact even today my dad is somewhat of a car hoarder. When we got married, my gift to him, was a commissioned piece of artwork reflecting cars that held special memories over his life. When I was researching the cars before I had the work commissioned, I spent an afternoon looking at the cars my dad had over the years. Some cars were practical, serving a particular purpose for that moment in time, others were for pure joy. Some were sporty, some were beautifully designed, some needed a little TLC.

I have memories of my dad spending his Sundays in his workshop, renovating his beloved Triumph and me and my brother "helping". Despite not really having an interest in cars myself, I loved spending time with him. Learning all the in's and out's or his rebuild and sharing this passion with him. 15 years later, I still love hearing all about his latest rebuilds. His current big project is rebuilding his father's, my grandad's, beloved Toyota MR2 for track days. Now he get's to share this with his grandchildren too.  

Tips for sharing your passions with little ones

Hobbies are very important when you become a parent, it's a way of having you time and a little rest bite. But let your kids see you pursuing your interests sometimes too. Their natural curiosity and desire to spend time with you will often have them wanting to know more. Be prepared for questions and little hands wanting to try too.

It is exciting when we get to share our interests with our kids! We love to pass on our knowledge. But don’t start planning lessons at the first sign of a curious glance. Let them ask the questions. Launching into detailed explanations and instructions they haven’t asked for yet is a sure way to put them off. Go at their pace.

Most importantly, enjoy yourself. As parents, we are our children’s biggest role models. We can show them what passion, dedication, and learning look like. We can welcome their curiosity and share our joy and knowledge with them. So whether it's sharing your love of cars like my dad has done, or teaching an instrument or sport, take it slow and enjoy.

Mummy B xoxox

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