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Monday, 24 April 2017

3 Ways to update a small bathroom

While there are plenty of fresh and innovative ways to update a bathroom, the amount of space that you have is still the deciding factor on whether a particular idea will work or not. Not all of us have the luxury to live in spacious mansions; leaving most people no other choice but to adapt with small and cramped bathrooms in their houses. However, having a limited space does not mean that we should compromise the aesthetic value of this part of our home. There are still a lot of interesting and effective ways to update a small bathroom without spending a lot of money. Make the most out of your limited bathroom space and give these top 3 ways to update a small bathroom a try.

1. Get the perfect vanity unit for your bathroom.

Instead of buying a separate cabinet for storing towels, tissue rolls, and other bathroom essentials, consider buying a vanity unit. This piece is a popular bathroom addition in modern interior home designing because of its versatility and ability to save much space in your home. Vanity units feature a large hand basin at the top with a couple of built-in lockers at the bottom. There are also vanity units which combine a sink, a cabinet, and a toilet in a compact unit.

You may choose from a variety of colours, a mix of modern and traditional designs, and other exciting features. Besides the regular vanity units, there is also wall hung vanity units which offer extra space between the unit and the floor and make cleaning easier. Rounded vanity units do not only create an illusion of a more spacious and elegant bathroom but they also reduce accidental hip bumps on sharp corners of the cabinets. You may also opt to install a mirror and a small hanging cabinet on the wall next to the vanity unit to save more space.

2. Install mirrors at the right locations.

A mirrored medicine cabinet combines two functional units in the same space. On the other hand, a large wall-mounted mirror creates a perception of a large bathroom. It is also useful for busy households as it also enables two or more persons to use the mirror at the same time. Remember that you don’t always need to install a large mirror for a small bathroom especially if you are on a tight budget. Typically, a wall mounted mirror with the same length as the vanity unit is enough to give your bathroom a great look.

3. Replace old shower doors.

For small bathrooms, the area is usually just big enough to fit a medium-sized bathtub and a toilet together. This leaves little to no room for swing shower doors. You may replace your old shower doors with sliding glass doors or curbless shower doors which take up less space and provide more room for your elbows. Replacing shower doors with shower curtains might be a good idea to save space but it makes your small bathroom appear more congested at the same time. A glass panel should be a better alternative. It effectively keeps water splashes inside the shower area while giving your bathroom an amazing modern appeal.

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