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Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Screen Time App – 3 Signs That Indicate You Need To Restrict Your Child’s Screen Privileges

Here are a few valid signs which indicate that screens are taking over your child’s life and you need to restrict their screen privileges gradually.

1. Disturbed Sleeping Pattern

Without a doubt, screen time impacts your child’s sleepingpattern which is why it is recommended to switch off all the electronic devices at your home two hours prior to your child’s sleeping time. While all the gadgets have their role in interfering with your child’s sleep but TV and smartphones can generally be problematic.

If your teenager is allowed to keep his/her cell phone during night time, there is a fair chance that they would keep checking their phones all night long. One more text, one more round of a gaming app, one more YouTube video and the list of disturbing elements goes on. 

2. Selfie Obsession

Selfies may not sound that big of a problem in the beginning, but selfie portrays a potential threat of self-obsession in children. Some teenagers even risk their safety for capturing the perfect, adventurous selfies which they can flaunt on the social media. To get an enthralling selfie, they would do dangerous stunts while riding a vehicle or by standing on a cliff just to receive attention from their peers.

3. Unnecessary Addiction to Social Media

When your child has access to screens, the thing which captures the greatest part of their attention is social media. Some teenagers can even grow overly dependent on social media that they actually start associating their self-worth with the number of likes they can get on a particular picture they post on their social account. They feel positive when they receive compliments but at the same time they feel devastated if they receive any criticism.

Social media can make teenagers think in a way that is far from reality. They often start flaunting their lives as a perfect fairy tale just to gain attention or they may feel pressured after seeing the ideal lives of other people on social media.

Tips for Parents

Being a parent in this era full of digital influences is not an easy task, especially when the concerns associated with electronics were not as severe a decade ago as they are now. Parents need to keep the balance between providing their children the necessary screen privileges and restricting their children from disproportionate screen time. Here is what a parent needs to do:

• Make sure your child is allowed to use screen only for a calculated period of time in a day.

• Install a limit screen time app such as FamilyTime on your children’s devices to restrict their screen privileges.

• Never allow your child to keep cell phones or other electronics with them during their sleep time

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