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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Save Money With These Brilliant Candy Buffet Ideas | Guest Post

Save Money With ThesFundraising is a challenge in any area. Whether your campaign is for personal fundraising or community needs, finding a way to reach your audience is essential. Of course, we all know about the great fundraising sites like Plumfund where you can set up a free account to collect money for any reason you feel is worthy. But sometimes you need a physical event to pull in donations.

Consider setting up a neighbourhood event to help your cause. A neighbourhood picnic or carnival is always fun. But don’t stop there. Instead of traditional snacks and treats, design a candy buffet around your cause.

Sweet Services is an online candy supplier with a huge assortment of candy. They will help you choose the candy to serve and ship it directly to you in time for your event. It is easy to do.

Donation candy buffet

Choose your theme

Are you raising money for a new library, to help a needy family, or to repair the local community centre? Therein lies your theme. Decorate with posters, books, tools, or whatever fits which you can get from Make sure you add a centrepiece that brings it all together.

Choose your colours

Keep your candy selections within the hues of three contrasting colours

Stage your table

Tall vases or dishes in the back, medium in the centre and low trays in the front.

Choose gift bags or boxes and ask for a donation from anyone who wants to fill a bag.

Get active candy buffet

For this buffet you want teams of people in costume or uniform to sell gift bags. This is great for the community fundraiser or for private fundraising for people who cannot afford to join. While sports teams are popular choices as your collectors, as are cheerleaders, you will find more elaborate the group, the more money they will raise. Consider a dance group. Just For Kix Dance Costumes is a great place to buy dance outfits that really pop, and that the dancers can wear when they take their dance classes.
The buffet is set up by theme and the candy selection is beautiful with bright and tempting colours. (Avoid chocolates if it is a sunny day.) The dancers mingle through the crowd selling goodie bags which the customer can fill (or the dancer will fill for them). At the same time, they show their form and grace and allow a peek into the world that dance has opened for them.

Your candy buffet should have table coverings and a backdrop that draws attention to it. You do not have to spend a lot. The candy is the main draw. Balloons, streamers, twinkle lights, posters, and signs make great backdrops. If you are featuring a team or dance group, use pictures of their performances to fill in empty spots on the table.


You will need about 8-ounces of candy per person. Suckers, gumballs, rock candy sticks and individually wrapped goodies are great for the donation buffet.

Make sure you have scoops for the candy jars. Fill each jar about ¾ full for easy scooping.As the candy is used, do not be afraid to layer the candy for a full and yummy effect. Your colours will go together well and this works in all vases.

Use clear vases or jars. Decorate with ribbons or labels.

You will not only save money with these candy buffets but you will raise money for the cause that matters to you. It is a fun and easy way to be part of something bigger for your community. 

Mummy B xoxox

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