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Saturday, 15 April 2017

Would you go on holiday without the kids?

When my husband and I  got married back in 2014 we had this dilemma. Should we take our daughter, who was then two, away with us on honeymoon? When we were thinking about it, we asked our friends and family and thoughts were definitely mixed. Some said that it wouldn't really be a break, a time to appreciate the new married life. We went back and forth but decided that we just had to share this experience with her. It was our best decision ever, we had a beautiful honeymoon in St. Ives and we're looking forward to heading back there one day with Henry in tow too.

Two years on and another member of the Burgess Clan, me and Jamie are desperate for some quality time. Time where we don't have to be mum and dad and just be us. Next weekend we will be leaving the kids for three nights and heading to the Peak District and then Manchester to see Ed Sheeran (what a lucky duck I am!) and I can not bloody wait! Though we haven't booked accommodation yet, because I'm clearly not organised at the moment, it's so very needed.

Most couples experience a lot of changes when they become parents. For many, it can be such an incredible time, you've created this little person whom you both love unconditionally which creates a whole new level of connection. However, on the flipside, you may experience some strains. Less sleep, less time to talk, less time to spend together, they can all take a toll on your relationship.

I feel me and Jamie are a bloody good team. It's up to both of us to "bring the bacon", we equally take responsibility for the parenting side of things and we kind of end up being passing ships most days. But, when we're together all the usual parenting/life stresses just slip away and this works for us.

Be that as it may, we've been toying with the idea of having a bigger holiday, just the two of us. We're very lucky that we have family around us that would be able to support this, so wondering who will have the kiddies is something that we don't really have to worry about. The type of holiday is the next discussion. I'm in two minds. I would love to head to a Scandinavian country, such as Sweden. I'm a little bit in love with their culture and outlook on life and watching SJ Strum's latest vlogs only confirms this! Though, with the taste of summer that we had last week, somewhere with a sunnier climate would be a good option too. Croatia is on my bucket list after my Dad and a couple of friends have been and told me about their adventures. Something I wouldn't do with the children is a cruise, so a cruise along the Adriatic Sea, exploring the hidden coves and getting lost in beautiful fishing villages, all sound incredibly blissful.

We, of course, have plans for family holidays too. My brother-in-law recently moved to California so our next big trip will be to take the whole family to see him and his beautiful wife. Dreaming of adventures is something that has been on my mind a lot lately.

I would love to hear your thought's on going away on holiday without the kids, would you if you could?

Mummy B xoxox

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