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Thursday 15 June 2017

Dad's aren't given enough credit!

Daddy's, they're one of the most important people in a child life and sometimes I feel they just don't get enough credit. Traditionally, the emphasis has always been on us mums, we carry them, birth them, feed them and usually are at home with them 24/7. Traditionally, this has always been the mother's role. But in our house, we don't quite fit that mould.

Of course, I carried them. Gave birth to them. Breastfed them. I took time off from work to be with them in those first few months. But my hubby didn't take the back seat. He held them both first (I had and emergency c-section with Darcie and a planned one with Henry), changed the first nappy and then, during the week would be with them whilst I went to work. He then goes to work once I'm home. In fact, he's currently asleep on the sofa preparing for a night shift after spending all day awake with our son.

He looks tired. I know he's tired and a lot of mums will moan when we're constantly having to get up in the night (me included), but he literally runs on very little sleep because he wants to support me with my career and wants to be there for the children. He's a dedicated Dad. Dedicated Husband and a dedicated public servant. He may not have been able to produce breastmilk - but he certainly is superman when it comes to everything else.

Father's day is just around the corner and my thoughts have turned to celebrating this special day. He will be coming off another night shift, so perhaps a nice breakfast and then off to bed for him. In the afternoon he's requested a day at the beach. The weather is looking good and I'm thinking this is the perfect way to spend the day.

In all honesty, when it comes to gifts, I know he will appreciate a family day out. Either that or a motorbike. And I can't afford that! So instead I picked up a motorbike related book that he keeps hinting about. A beautiful photo frame with a picture of the kiddies. A stunning wall clock, something which we have been on the hunt for since we bought our house six years ago.  I picked these up from Amara and they literally have so many things which are perfect for the modern dad (and mamma... I'm literally drooling over everything!).These are just small gestures, but I hope he knows just how much we appreciate and love him.

Clock | Mug | Photo Frame | Book

Of course, I haven't forgotten about my dear old Dad. I still look up to him as if I was a six-year-old girl. He's been my own superhero in times of need. Coming round at 5 am in the morning when I was home alone, pregnant and non-stop throwing up. Calling through on his way home from work to get that spider out of the kids bedroom. Three years ago he gave me one of the most special days of my life when I was able to marry my best friend. He truly is a remarkable man and I'm proud that he's my daddy.

Do you have any special father's day planned? 

Mummy B xoxox

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