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Wednesday 14 June 2017

Presents for a five year old Girl

Before I dive into this post, this will be in no way gender stereotyping. My little lady turned 5 last week and I really struggled with gift ideas this year. I feel she is in an awkward in-between age so thought others may be finding the same. Using my blogger initiative, I have put together a little post of gift ideas for girls aged around 5 years (anyone else's is 5 going on 15?).

Darcie is quite a mixed bag. She loves anything that sparkles, playing with my makeup when I'm not looking to then building mud pies and playing with snails. At this age, her likes and dislikes seem to change on a daily basis. Having said that, she got some brilliant gifts and I kind of wished I had done a little more prep before her birthday!

Darcie's first request for her birthday was a "new outfit" - she's five!! You can see what I mean about 5 going on 15. So she got some beautiful hightops from Lelli Kelly, which she literally went mad for. They have been worn religiously outside of school times. These ones were picked up from Jake Shoes, they have a huge selection of children's shoes, they arrived super quick which is great if you're a disorganised mum like me!

We also go her a Unicorn top from Zara and Unicorn bag from Joules. I know for a fact when I was her age I would have loved that bag.

As you would have seen in our London Vlog, Darcie was treated to a Build-a-Bear. It's her first one and the whole process was really special and although they are on the pricey side - it's certainly a special keepsake present. I remember when they first came out, my brother and I made one for my Dad's 40th Birthday - that is a fair few years ago. But he still has it, with our special birthday message still playing.

Darcie has also requested to get back into Tennis, which is music to my mum's ears! She used to do it before she started school, so we're looking for her to start as soon as possible.

A superhero cape for a super girl. She loves to dress up and she has a number of these capes in her collection. You can pick these up fairly cheaply on eBay.

Splashlings are a craze that Darcie has fallen for. She will literally sit for a good few hours (yes, hours) playing with them. You can collect many different play sets and are not too expensive.

My mum picked up Darcie her very own fairy garden. This is something else she has played with a lot. We would quite like to get her a couple more sets and build a complete area in the garden for her.

A last but not least, probably one of her most favourite gifts. The Darcy Doll. Every time the Argos advert would come on, she would mention how much she would love a Darcy doll. I think mainly because they share the same name, but also that it's dance themed.

I hope this has given you a few idea's if you've got a girly girls birthday coming up.

Mummy B xoxox

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