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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Skin Care now I'm approaching 30

Me- "Mum what's that stuff you're putting on your face?" My Mum -"It's cream to stop wrinkles." Me - "It's not working is it Mummy".

Something my mum has always reminded me of and now I'm approaching 30 something that makes me smile every time I'm doing my skin care routine.

Over the years my skin care has changed dramatically. From teenage years of being blessed with spot free skin and getting away with no skincare routine, to the newborn baby stage where a baby wipe would suffice. I've had stages where I have been really good with my skin care, but will quickly slip into bad habits. Including the ultimate sin of sleeping in my makeup.

Next year I turn 30 and my skin is starting to show this. I've never been too worried about my skin having never suffered from spots - but my goodness, I have aged in recent years! I have wrinkles appearing around my eyes and I have very pronounced lines on my forehead, but more noticeable is that my skin looks tired, dull and even with makeup, I feel it's very noticeable.

So along with improving my mindset, I have also been working on my skincare routine too.

I have been trying out some beautiful products from Elizabeth Grant that have really transformed my skincare routine. As a busy mum, I find it very difficult to make time for me but skincare is so incredibly important and it's no longer something I can ignore. So, my skincare now looks like this;

Morning Routine

In the shower I will use Soap & Glory Face Soap and Clarity to give my skin a good wash - this stuff definitely helps me wake up in the morning.  Then after this I will use the Elizabeth Grant Hydra cell Day Serum, which is so incredibly hydrating that I skip my moisturiser and then I go onto my makeup routine. I love this because its faff free and really doesn't take up any of my precious time.

Evening Routine

I like to remove my makeup with a cream cleanser. I either use the Soap & Glory Peaches and Clean deep cleansing milk or the Loreal Rare Flowers Cleansing Gel, both are really beautiful products. I then use the Elizabeth Grant HydraCell Night serum followed by their day and night moisturising cream. I only use this moisturiser in the evening to give my skin a little extra boost - it can make my skin look a little oily if I wear it during the day.

Any beauty buffs reading this will probably say, "is that it?" But for me, this works and I'm loving how my skin is looking at the moment. I am on the hunt for a new face mask and deep pore cleansers so feel free to leave me your reccomendations. 

Mummy B xoxox

*Elizabeth Grant Products sent for the purpose of the post. All thoughts, opinions and words are my own. You can pick up Elizabeth Grant products from Ideal World.


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