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Monday 5 June 2017


I started writing this post on Saturday night, I was weary eyed after a busy day but wanted to make sure I put these memories onto "paper" as the week has been so jam packed that I hadn't got round to doing it. Half way through writing the piece, the news came on. I was instantly stopped in my tracks when I saw the events of Saturday night unfold and I couldn't find the words to finish my post.

On Tuesday we headed to London for a day with our big girl - a day to spend quality time and give her a little treat. With the event's of Manchester in our thoughts, we had contemplated cancelling the trip. But she wanted to see the Queen, she wanted to go to Hamley's and see all the sights London has to offer. Not wanting to let them win, we went ahead with our plans.

We had the most wonderful day out, truly it was. We went to Buckingham Palace, walked down Pall Mall, saw the London Eye, Westminster, Carnaby Street and of course Hamleys. The reason for our trip was due to a Joules event #JoulesWimpyKid where we headed to 20th Century Fox House for a special screening of the (hilariously funny) new Diary of a Wimpy Kid film. The event was fantastic, the intimate screening was perfect, we all loved the film and it was great to meet some of the Joules team.

 Throughout the day we saw other happy smiling families, enjoying a family day out as it was half term. We saw students on school trips. Commuters. We so a huge amount of police, armed, mounted police too - at one point I even said "this is the safest I have felt in London in a long time".

Then I see this news. The horror. The fear spreading, echoing the words "not again". When you're a parent it's hard to not be afraid. Wondering if you take them to here or there whether you're actually going to be putting them in danger. As parents we're supposed to be brave, stand firm and not let this fear show and shield them from these atrocities.

So, instead of being fearful, I choose to focus on all the little loves in my life. It would be very easy to let them win, to let them be our focus - but I'm a mum. I will continue to be brave, to show my children all the good in the world.

If you fancy seeing more of our little trip head over to our YouTube Channel.

Mummy B xoxox

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