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Tuesday 6 June 2017

Surviving the Holidays

Normally after a break from work, I'm eager to get back to routine. You all know I love my kids, heck, I wouldn't have started this blog but they're at the age where they're so full on. They seem to tag team and then unite run rings around me. My husband and I get parent burnout rather quickly!! Yet this half term has been so different.

We've just had so much fun and dare I say it, it was pretty stress-free! It made returning to work quite tough yesterday morning and my thoughts are well and truly thinking to the summer holidays. Six whole weeks of fun with my little ones or will it be me playing referee to two strong-willed children?

Doing what they love

To reduce headaches and battles, stick to what they love doing. Obvious one, I know. My two absolutely love playing in the garden at the moment, so we've been working hard to make sure it's a safe and fun environment for them to play. We've got a sandpit, paddling pool, fairy garden, slide all ready to go. We want to do a Dinosaur garden for Henry and a new table and chairs so we can make the most of the summer on day's when we're at home. If my daughter had her way she would also be allowed to watch YouTube video's all day long. Of course, I'm not going to indulge in this. I'm all for a little bit of screen time but it does worry me the amount she wants to watch it. So I'm trying to encourage play based on some of the videos she enjoys watching.

Stock up on craft supplies

We can't trust the British weather, that's a given. So stock up on craft supplies. Make sure you've got messy mats, trays and aprons at the ready for quick clean-ups and minimal stress. Or if we're lucky enough for lots of sunshine, take the crafting outdoors. You're never too young (or old) to get the paints out.

Collect those coupons

Planning on a few big days out? Then make sure you have a good stash of 2 for 1, kids go free, money off vouchers all at the ready. They're so readily available these days, from cereal boxes to online discounts. Make sure you pre-plan and save. It's also worth looking online to see if there are any pre booking offers. Last year we went to LegoLand. For four of us, two-day park tickets and a 4* hotel cost £250. On the gate tickets to Legoland can cost up to £60 each. So, we ended up getting a lot for our money, just by pre-planning our visit.


Be it in the garden or away for the weekend (or week!), camping is a lovely way to enjoy uninterrupted quality time with the kids. It encourages life away from the net, TV and social media and brings everything back to basics.

Holiday Abroad

Many parents are nervous to take their children abroad but holidays are incredible experiences for children. When we were children we always did fly/drive holidays. When looking into holidays for my own family I asked my parents why they opted for this and my Dad said it was due to the freedom that hiring a car gives you. When holidaying with children he said, flexibility was key to keeping the holiday stress free. Many car hire companies like Holiday Autos have cars available at many airports giving you the opportunity to explore your destination at your own pace. When travelling abroad it's a good idea to be more organised than normal. Get to know a little more about the area than you usually would. Where is the local medical centre? Pharmacy? etc.  It's also a good idea to check this handy language guide so you have some lingo to get you by during your stay - I'm a vegetarian so it's always important that I at least know this phrase (unlike the guy in the video below!!!)

A well stocked back pack

When we're out and about I always like to make sure I take my rucksack instead of my usual handbag. Making sure I have a spare set of clothes, wipes, snacks, activity book, car's, dinosaurs and miniature dolls at the ready. My little backpack makes for stress-free dining out and takes the pressure off a little if they're starting to get bored.

I would love to hear how you're planning on having a stress-free summer this year, do you have any nifty tricks up your sleeves?

Mummy B xoxox

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