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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Investing in your home

Most homes have some room for improvement, our own home could definitely do with some TLC. But when deciding what improvements to make it can be hard to decide what ones are the right ones, especially when you're looking to add value to your property. Will adding a loft conversion really improve the overall value? Does a swimming pool make a property more attractive to buyers – or less? Or should you forget adding value and focus on investing to making your dream home? Before you go spending your hard earnt cash, it may be important to understand which improvements are actually going to add value to your property.

Last year I wrote an article about which improvements add the most value to your home and I discovered some surprising statistics. Some of the bigger investments seemingly offered little return but I have a feeling this was way too generalised.  Though one that really stood out to me was the extended kitchen, this is something that I know will be a huge selling point for us when we buy our next home. Homes with extended kitchens, high-quality units, appliances along with those absolutely stunning modern bifold doors and an added utility room, are high on my wishlist and something I would definitely look to invest in our next home. 

Of course, you could also make money from your home, got an extra car space? Spare room? These can easily be rented out and can be quite profitable too. 

Talking of car spaces, have a front garden in an area lacking road parking? Did you know paving your front garden, dropping the kerb can add up to 5 thousand pounds in value to your property?! That's pretty impressive as it's fairly low cost.

Other area's you can invest in is designer furniture because a house isn't just bricks and mortar. Do you or your parents have family heirloom pieces of furniture? My mum has her grandfathers bureau, it's an absolutely stunning piece of furniture, holding lots of memories and still serving a purpose (my mum is a writer!). When I look around my own home, I don't think my Ikea Kallex unit is going to have quite the same longevity! I have been looking to replace our tired flatpack furniture for something a little more bold, impactive and long lasting. I'm a huge fan of the industrial style and this dining room table is absolutely gorgeous.

Another area to consider investing in is energy efficiency within your home. Smart meters, wall and loft insulation, triple glazed windows, solar heating can be great investments and help save you money on the running of your home - they're also a good selling point when you come to sell. We have solar panels in our home and they have saved us quite a bit when I compared mine to friends with a similar house without solar panels. If you're interested in finding out more about wall and loft insulation,  UK OVO Energy has a fantastic wall insulation guide to help you if you're unsure whether you have cavity walls that need filling or are unsure on what it entails. It also highlights the savings you can make - up to £275 pounds a year!

I would love to know how you've invested into your home, has it been to add value or are you investing to make it your dream home?

Mummy B xoxox

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