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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Schools Out! Almost....

I can not believe this academic year is almost over and Darcie's first year of school is almost complete! This year has flown, I swear we should only be in the spring term! As a teacher myself, this past week has been a challenge - running on empty I think we're all ready for a break. The children too!

Darcie on her first day of school

Last week we got Darcie's end of year report and were blown away. She has reached all her targets and is exactly where she should be and for a June baby, I'm pretty happy with that. As a secondary teacher, report writing is always something I dread, but Darcie's report was on another level! The detail was incredible - over 200 pages! Yes, most of it was a print out of her Tapestry (it's an online app where teachers take photos/videos of activites, work and progress along with notes that can then be viewed by you, the parents) but the amount time I know it must take to take pictures, upload and do the write is so appreciated by us parents. Especially when you ask them what they did at school and you get the standard response "I can't remember".

They really do an amazing job and one both Jamie and I really appreciate. So when intu Chapelfields got in contact and asked if we would be interested in taking part in their blogger challenge to buy teaching staff gifts for under £5. I happily agreed.

I put together a little haul of the bits and bobs we picked up. I'm pretty happy with our selection and as a teacher myself, I would be one happy bunny if I was on the receiving end.

Shopping at intu Chapelfields is always stress-free for us. It's quick and easy and had plenty of choices to spoil Darcie's teachers. I would love to hear what/ if you treated your child(s) teachers this year and what they will be receiving on the last day of term.

Mummy B xoxox

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