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Friday, 3 November 2017

3 Popular and Trendy Countertop Finishes

It’s hard to talk about kitchen d├ęcor without mentioning countertop finishes. This is because the countertop makes your work in the kitchen less cumbersome due to the availability of a spacious area. The design of the countertop finish should reflect on your sense of style. These days homeowners are moving away from the ancient countertop sinks that were made from steel. 

The advantage of these new sinks is that they blend well with all countertop finishes. And unlike their predecessors that were positioned below the countertop, the trendy countertop basins are installed on top of the platform. However, you have to put your finances together because these countertops will give you a run for your money. After all, they are top of the range products. Below is a list of the latest trends in countertop ideas that are worth considering.

1. Quartz

Quartz is as old as granite. The finish is being used widely as a countertop finish due to the strength and durability of the material. The other advantage is that the material doesn’t require regular maintenance. A platform that has been constructed using this material can support a bigger load of kitchenware.

It’s also easy to clean a surface that’s made from quartz because the material doesn’t allow water to go through. Tough stains can also be removed by wiping the platform a few times. Quartz can actually be designed to resemble marble or granite. You can also tone up your kitchen by going for marble that resembles wood just to have a farmhouse outlook.

2. Integrated Kitchen Sinks

Gone are the days when the sink was made from the same material as the countertop. The sinks are being integrated with the countertop. For instance, if the countertop is made from marble, the sink is also made from marble. Since an integrated sink can’t be installed below the countertop, it has to be positioned at an elevated angle. These trendy sinks are made from either marble or ceramic.

Such sinks are very easy to clean when compared with those made from steel. The new design is helping in putting more attention on the sink. Before the coming of this integration, homeowners didn’t care about the appearance of the sink. With this new design, clogs are a thing of the past. You can visit countertop basins UK to get more ideas. Moreover, this phenomenon is helping create more space for the cabinets below the countertop.

3. Natural Stone

Installing a natural stone countertop will definitely give your kitchen an elegant outlook. In fact, you should opt for a countertop that’s made from limestone because it will last for many years. However, you have to be ready to spend money on regular maintenance services. But you can cut back on such expenses by sealing the countertop. This helps in creating a barrier that stops water and other liquids from penetrating. Besides that, sealing helps in preventing accumulation of bacteria beneath the countertop surface. This finish can be complemented with marble backsplash tiles.

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