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Sunday, 21 January 2018

Hello 2018

It's 2018 and I thought it was about time I got back into writing. I've had almost a whole month off, something which wasn't planned but I'm actually quite thankful for. 2017 was a complete mix bag for me, hugely successful workwise but filled with many personal challenges. I'm actually quite thankful to have left it behind.

2018 is looking bright, it's not been plain sailing so far but the foundation for some pretty amazing things have been made. My focus for this year has nothing to do with blogging or work like my drive and focus is normally placed but more to do with happiness and ensuring mine and my families happiness is a top priority.

Sounds strange, right? As that should be everyone's first priority, but sometimes you can get lost in the every day and work, bills, chores can all seem to pile up and then before you know it they have taken a priority. You then ending up losing sight as to what's important. I think this is so true for so many families and it's something that just happens without you even realising it. What matters is that we've realised this and addressing things to make sure things are better than ever.

In 2017 I learnt so much about mindfulness and meditation and that is something I'm certainly carrying through to 2018. It's such a powerful tool to make you feel present, centred and clear - all of which can help promote positivity and mental wellbeing.  Of course, I'm jumping on the typical health/gym bandwagon for 2018 too, I'm such a cliche! But working out also makes me feel so much better and I truly need to build up some strength. Two sections have really taken their toll on my abdominal muscles, more than I realised and what to make positive changes that will impact my physical health too.

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My final element for a happier 2018 is sticking to"no more excuses" phrase. Whether that means making sure I make plans (and stick with them) with friends, spending more time with Jamie, booking my driving test (yeah, still haven't got round to doing that...) or simply doing the dishes, I'm just going to do it. Practically I've already made some small changes to help with this, reducing my hours in the day job will certainly facilitate this and we've already done so many wonderful things in 2018 because of this. Living life with no regrets and not getting bogged down with the daily grinned.

Family life is truly wonderful, my little family is truly wonderful and learning to never to take for granted the little things, making sure I worry less is what 2018 will be all about for me. So if you feel like you're drifting through the ordinary days then, why not stick with me on my journey and let's rebuild the happy and positivity in life.

Here's to 2018, I may be a little late but I'm here and lots of great content is lined up, so watch this space.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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