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Monday, 29 January 2018

Magic Mondays

If you follow me on social media then each Monday for the past few weeks you will have seen me refer to Monday as my Magic Monday and let me tell you, they've changed my life for the better. Yup, I love Mondays.

In my "day" job, I'm a teacher. I love my job and it's incredibly rewarding. I'm also a blogger (no shit...) and let me tell you, that in its self is a full-time job. I'm a mum to two gorgeous children and a wife to an incredible man. I love all the elements of my life, each one brings a lot of happiness to the table but the balance wasn't there and I never felt that I could give everything my all and do a good enough job.

I think many women feel like this, we want to do it all. I think its embedded in us that we must do everything and do everything well. If not we're deemed as failing. In reality, this just isn't possible. Compromises must be made otherwise we get burnt out and we fall into a pit of feeling overwhelmed.

My relationship with my husband has been left to dwindle, to the point where several weeks ago it came to ahead and had almost reached breaking point. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed (though I was for a while) by this, but there were some massive factors that became a huge wakeup call for my husband and I. We soon realised that we had grown to underappreciate one another and life just made it difficult for our relationship to blossom the way it should. We knew in order for us to work, we needed time for us to reconnect. Marriage is something that takes work. I think many people are blinded by the fantasy illusion of "true love" where everything is easy and comes naturally - this idea of true love lulls you into a false sense of security.

True love is picking up the pieces when you feel like you've become lost. It's the determination to never give up on each other. It's recognising negative behaviours and changing them for the better. It's learning to forgive each other when mistakes have been made and then learning and growing together. Love isn't full of fairytales, love is hard. There is only one person that I want to go on the journey of love and that's Jamie (How about that for cheese Jamie?!).

So, I decided to reduce my hours at work. I could no longer bear to feel constantly overwhelmed and so, with the support of my work I decided to drop a Monday. The reason for a Monday is that Henry is in nursery, Darcie in school and until 3pm I would be completely child-free. Time to catch up on the blog and housework and more importantly time for Jamie and I to just be us - something we really haven't had enough of in recent years. We often don't even get the luxury of weekends together due to the nature of his job.

So my magic Mondays have become something of a bit of a rest-bite from the day to day and I can't believe the impact it has already had. It's incredible what the power of reclaimed time has.

So here's to more Magic Mondays and a focus on building 'me' and for a few hours I'm not "mum" or "Miss".

K Elizabeth xoxox


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