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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Bullet Journal Essentials for 2018

Bullet journalling has quickly become a love of mine. I love the freedom it gives and the ability to create the perfect planner for me. It's something I find therapeutic and the benefits it has had are huge. You can read more about why I started bullet journalling here.

As its the new year, many of you may well be trying to get yourself organised or have even decided to give bullet journalling a go. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite tools for creating the perfect planner.

Bullet Journal

Finding the perfect journal comes with a little bit of trial and error. I think Bullet journalling seems to be more popular in the states, but dotted journals are slowly becoming a little bit easier to come across. My current journal is by Paperchase and is the AGENZIO dotted edition. I had done no research into these but when I saw an actual bullet journal I just picked it up immediately. It's a good size with plenty of pages and my only issue is the thickness of the pages. They're a little thin so bleeding has occurred on most pages, which doesn't really bother me. However, an alternative which will probably be my next purchase is the Scribbles that Matter journal. I've heard so many good things about the paper quality.

Writing Pens

Pens are another personal preference and I'm using the Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens in a whole range of sizes, they're also amazing for drawing with too. I'm yet to find brush pens that work for me - perhaps that's because I'm just no good at using them! Any suggestions are always welcomed.

faber and castell artist pens perfect for bullet journalling

Coloured Pens

I'm a huge fan of the Stabilo pens and have so many including my favourite, the pastel collection. I also love my Pro Markers, however, they bleed massively so if I ever want to use them, I will on a separate piece of paper and then stick in where needed (normally for my month heading page). I also love the Papermania metallic pens. On my wish list are the Tombow brush pens, very pricey but I've heard they're worth it.

High Lighters

Stabilo PASTEL highlighters. Need I any more?

Washi Tape

I have washi tape from so many Ebay and Etsy stores, they work well as dividers and borders and are great if you're not that "artsy".

Water Colours

Watercolours are another wonderful way to bring colour to your journal. I find that they don't bleed through the same as pens and are great if you're painting backgrounds and want to write over the top.

instant photos February spread bullet journal

Stickers, Stamps & Stencils

Stickers are another quick and easy way to bring your journal to life. There are also some really practical stickers too which help to speed up your spreads - again great if you're not too confident when putting pen to paper. Much the same stickers, I particularly love these ones from this Etsy seller. Another way to speed things it up when making weekly planners are Stencils. There are so many amazing ones and these ones are currently on my wishlist.

I would love to hear your bullet journal essential favourites. My love for stationary now has a purpose, not that my bank account agrees!

K Elizabeth xoxox


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