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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

5 Tips to Helping Your Kids Write Great Book Reports

Book report writing is all about analyzing the contents of books. Kids describe books and share their opinions and thoughts about them in book reports as a way to help them understand the material that they just read. Writing book reports enable kids to develop and hone their writing, reading and critical thinking skills. Kids get to share books, explore genres and even develop a passion for reading through such assignments.

They get to understand and appreciate literature. Despite the essence of book reports, many students find them dull and boring. However, they can be filled with lots of imagination and creativity to make them fun. Encouraging them to engage with book reports at a young age could fuel their passion for creative writing, so much so that they decide to pursue a writing career in the future; working with editors and horror book illustrators, and other agencies to help them write a book. Whether your kid is in elementary or middle school, you can help them write exceptional book reports. Here are 5 tips to help your kids develop great book report writing skills.

Top 5 Ways Your Kids can Improve their Book Writing Report Skills

1. Let Your Kids Choose Books They Find Interesting

Although sometimes you (or their teachers) choose books for your kids, let them pick the ones they find interesting. Advise your child to pick a book they’re likely to enjoy reading because so much time can be spent reading and writing a book report. What type of genre does your kid love?

What movies do your kids enjoy watching? Help them choose a book in a similar category. This ensures they enjoy reading the book they opt for.

2. Let Your Kids Read the Books from the First to the Last Word

Reading books in entirety means your kids get to understand the stories for better reading comprehension skills. As a result, your kids capture everything in the books without missing the small details.

3. Show them How to Take Notes while Reading

Get your child a notebook and teach them how to take notes while reading books they intend to analyze later. Alternatively, they can add comments along the book margins and underline or highlight important words. Is there a recurring theme? Is there an important happening in the plot?
Let them write down anything they find interesting, including page numbers. The notes can help your kids write better book reports in shorter times because they do not have to read the stories again.

4. Break the Assignment into Sections to Avoid Procrastination

Your kids can get their book reports done in the shortest time possible. They should begin summarizing a few paragraphs in each chapter of a book at a time. For instance, they can read the first two paragraphs in chapter 1 then summarize them in a few sentences.
The main characters, setting, conflict and a few important scenes must be discussed. Scenes leading to the climax and the resolution of the main conflict should also be covered in the book report.

5. Proofread the Report

Once your kid is done writing a book report, help them proofread it. Look out for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Sentences should flow and connect well.
Make sure your kids begin working on their reports early to avoid last minute rush and the stress that comes with it. Encourage active reading, let your kids set goals for writing their reports and get them excited about books so they can write great book reports.
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