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Friday, 2 March 2018

Snow Days

It's the 2nd March and we're currently on snow day day 4. We haven't seen snow like this in years and quite frankly I'm a little bit blown away by the amount we've had and the disruptions caused. It's safe to say the UK really isn't geared up for snow! Having said that, I have seen so incredible examples of community spirit, those with 4x4's offering to do food shop runs, collect medication, take vulnerable people to medical appointments. Farmers pulling vehicles out and clearing roads, it's been pretty incredible to witness.

Our snow days have been a pretty mixed bag. Gone are the days of lay-ins, romantic snow walks and trips to the pub..... Day one was glorious, the sun was shining, the perfect amount of snow for sledging. My mum and I took the kids out for lunch and then for a country walk, and it was just beautiful. The kids were happy and a joy to be around and I was secretly hoping more snow days might be on the cards...

Day two and I awoke at 4am completely boiling hot. Strange when it was around -6 degrees outside. I was first a little worried the boiler had gone wrong and was on too high. I went to go up and check (I was on my own as the Jamie was on nights) when I suddenly realised I felt very, very ill. Snow day number two consisted of me asleep or with my head down the loo. I was NOT impressed, to say the least, and felt annoyed I was missing out on all the fun. Jamie, being the legend that he is, despite working all night, stayed up all day with the children ensuring they had fun on their snow days.

Day three and thankfully I was feeling fine! We ventured into town with the sledges and did some essential shopping - who knew sledges where so handy! We managed to squeeze on the kids and the shopping for the journey home. We also couldn't believe the scenes we were seeing online the winds had picked up so much causing drifts making some roads impassable. It was this day we heard some unsettling news about my grandfather and how he was in Hospital and no one could reach him. This caused a lot of upset, the thought of him on his own. Thankfully a family member managed to get through to him and today Jamie has once again come to the rescue and is braving the roads to take my mum to him.

So whilst day four is not very eventful, after a busy few days its time to snuggle up and keep warm. We're due quite a bit more snow this afternoon too.

Whilst the snow has caused a lot of inconvenience for many, the amount of good I have seen is so heartwarming and highlights that in an ever negative world there's actually people aren't so bad!

I would love to hear how you've spent your snow days.

K Elizabeth xoxox

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