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Thursday, 19 April 2018

3 Reasons We Installed Solar Panels

Being and a grown up and owning a house has caused a slight headache lately. Keeping on top of maintaining your home and keeps down costs put many people off from buying their own home. But, having the security of a home that is yours, for me, outweighs any of these headaches.

We've been living in our home for seven years now and we're slowly becoming quite savvy whilst managing our home and something that I would recommend to any home owners is the installation of solar panels.

A More Mindful Way of Running a Home

For me mindfulness is something that is not a part of my everyday thought process, I use it in all parts of my life - including how I chose to run our home. I think we all understand the benefits of renewable energy, but for many I think they dismiss this as being their issue and that it is a government issue. In truth, if we want to see a more greener change the onus is on all of us to do our own bit. Solar panels are a clean, green source of energy and is an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Being mindful you realise that their is no “quick fix” to the problem of climate change. We need conscious responses that include many perspectives and consider long-term consequences and impact and we are all responsible for that.

Financial Benefits

What put many people off installation is the initial cost, but if they can potentially cut your electricity bills by as much as 40-50% you will soon get back your money, and for me this is a big selling point. If you want even more of a motivation to install then just look at the energy it creates, a 3.5kWp system should generate about 3,000 Kilowatt hours of electricity per year. In other words, that’s about three quarters of an average household’s annual electricity needs.

As well as keeping costs down they can also add value to your property. Home buyers are becoming more and more savvy and ant more for their money. Whilst it may not add thousands to the value of your property it may make it more appealing to buyers.

Long Lasting Benefits

If you maintain your solar panels they can last for many years to come and that's why they make such a good investment. Just as you would for your boiler or car, solar panels should be serviced yearly in order to make sure they are working correctly and you are getting the full benefits from them. Solar panels unfortunately make good nesting spots for birds such as pigeons, however there are a number of companies such who offer solar panel pigeon proofing services that will take care of this issue for you in an environmentally friendly way, no harsh chemicals or poisons used.

As a mum I'm really trying to make sure anything I do has a long lasting benefit, again this goes back to my more mindful way of living and not opting for a short term fix solution.

Do you have solar panels? Would you recommend them?

K Elizabeth xoxox

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