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Saturday, 28 April 2018

Plan THE Perfect Night In with Friends - Lock Paper Scissors Escape Kits Review

It was only yesterday that I was chatting with a local mum how that when you discuss motherhood with your midwife they forget to tell you just how lonely it can be. That's why today I thought I would share with you how to plan the perfect night in with friends, whether they're your best buddies from childhood or in the early stages of forming a friendship - socialising is so important to our happiness, especially when you become parents.


We all know that finding a date when everyone is free is probably the biggest headache of all, plan ahead and stick to the plan. Don't be the one to flake and let everyone down, make this a commitment, your wellbeing will thank you! If you happen to be the host, don't panic! Hosting does not have to be stressful at all, though many of us think this way it really doesn't have to be. If you're crap at cooking then grab the takeaway menu's and relax! Your friends don't expect you to go all out, we all know the stresses of parenting and the daily grind so take a night off and instead of being in the kitchen, make the most of overdue catch ups!


Whether you've been blessed with good weather or opting for a cosy night in, making your guests feel comfortable is key! Candles are not just for romantic evenings, candles are key in the Danish tradition of hygge, pronounced ‘hoo-ga’ or ‘hue-gah’, the word is becoming increasingly recognisable and was originally a Norwegian term for wellbeing. Candles are used to create a sense of cosiness and relaxation - exactly what we what our guests to be!


Something which spurred me to write this post, its a pretty incredible game that I have recently been introduced to, Escape Kits from Lock Paper Scissors - It is literally THE perfect game for a night in with friends.

It's another stress-free and easy to set up game and is sure to get everyone laughing and having fun. You simply download from your choice of kits from $19.99, we loved the Escape Room Z as we're zombie fans in our house!

Once you've downloaded the game you literally have everything you need. You just need to read through the instructions, cut up the pieces, grab your pizza (which the zombies are trying to steal) and your good to go!

Me and my husband found it tricky to begin with but thankfully they have an online hint system which got us going. One element I really loved was their Zombie playlist of Spotify which totally added to the atmosphere!

I won't spoil the game for you but you won't be disappointed and whats more is I have a giveaway just for you guys and your chance to win your own Escape Room Kit! Follow instructions below.

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Good luck and enjoy a night in with friends

K Elizabeth xoxox

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