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Tuesday, 3 April 2018

My Desk Space

Do you ever browse through Instagram and Pinterest and admire other peoples workspace? Determined that you too will have an inspiring workspace that you will work from daily and create a ton of cool content? Because that's something I did ever since I started blogging six years ago and I now, finally, have a desk and workspace that I'm proud of and works beautifully for me.

Having a dedicated space to work increases my productivity by miles! When I'm at my desk, my outlook and work ethic changes completely. I'm focused, driven and less distracted. When I would on the sofa, which is not even a meter away from my desk, I'm suckered into switching the telly on whilst I work and then 9 times out of 10 I just end up watching whatever is on and I opt to work later - completely unproductive!

As well as being a blogger, I'm also an art teacher. So having this space has been great when I've needed to take marking home - again I'm focused, driven and have plenty of space to go through work. The desk also has a fabulous draw, which makes storing equipment easy!

The desk is from La Redoute and I managed to get it in one of their 50% sales, it cost me a grand total of £50 - a complete bargain in my eyes. It fits perfectly in the corner of my living room and compliments the rest of the room well.

On my desk, I have a couple of plants, my camera equipment and candle. For some, this may be too cluttered but I love having a space that's surrounded by things I love - including photos, works of art my daughter made and so on. It's nice to have a reminder of why we work so hard.

Above my desk I have a wire storage unit from Red Candy, it's perfect for housing my bullet journal equipment!

I love the flexibility of this piece, I can easily remove the wire baskets and take my bullet journal pens and get to work. It keeps everything in place whilst looking tidy and stylish. Everyone loves copper, right?!

 I have filmed a full video going through my workspace in more detail if you'd like to see more. I would also love to see/hear about your own workspaces, they're a guilty pleasure of mine on Instagram and Pinterest!

K Elizabeth xoxox

*Some items featured were gifted, all thoughts/opinions are, of course, my own. 


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