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Thursday, 5 April 2018

Villa's Vs Hotels when Travelling with Children

Finding a holiday that suits the entire family can be stressful, especially if you have young children or children of varying ages. Gone is the couples holiday where you were either looking for adventure or relaxation, now there are a whole host of factors to consider. One big factor is where you, as a family will rest your heads. One of the most common dilemmas for families is whether to opt for a hotel close to amenities or  a spacious villa. Both come with pros and cons. Today I thought I would explore those so it makes your life a little easier if you're in this dilemma.

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A major advantage for those who opt for a villa is the space that comes with them, there's more of it which is great, especially when travelling with little ones does not come light! Most villas come with a number of bedrooms, which makes it perfect if you're travelling with friends and family. This also makes it quite cost effective if you're looking to go away with larger numbers, which means you can spread the cost of the villa amongst you.

Many villas come with there own pools, which means you haven't got to worry about it getting too crowded at peak times. You've got the luxury of taking a dip whenever you like. The whole "whenever you like" angle is what villa holidays are all about. They're a completely unpackaged option, choosing where, when and what is down to you and your own preferences, which is also reflective in the price. You can opt to splurge a little or opt for simple, you don't pay for anything you don't want because they aren't a cookie-cutter package deal.

A holiday with extended family can be fantastic fun and not just for kids. But the chances of tensions running high or the children getting a little overtired is high - which happens to just about every family! Renting a large villa with extra space makes the chances of success a lot higher. People can do their own thing, you’ve the freedom to be together when you want to be and there’s always the option of taking five when needed. Those with younger children also like the fact they haven't got to worry about making lots of noise and disturbing other guests because it is just you!


Something that appeals to many is the service that hotels can offer. Need help finding theatre tickets? A good restaurant? Or a quick ride? Call the reception! In need of a late night snack, call room service. Fancy some time away from the children, enrol them in the kids club. All of that including housekeeping are designed to keep your holiday a stress free one.

Whilst many with children may like the self-catering option that comes with villas, especially if you've got fussy eaters, for some being able to dine in the hotel's restaurant(s) again takes away added pressure. 

Being in a Hotel, you're often in a prime location meaning you're close to amenities and attractions, which often means you will not need your own transport. This is another element to consider if you're wanting to keep costs down.

As you can see there are so many pros's and cons with both and whatever you decided for your next family, will be right for you and your families needs. Afterall, all families are different. If you're looking for a villa, headover to Clickstay for some fantastic offers.

K Elizabeth xoxox

hotels vs villas when travelling with children

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