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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Simplicity with Sacet

I have always loved jewellery, from the moment my nan would let me delve into her jewellery boxes and play dress up. I would marvel in their beauty, each piece lovingly cared for, holding precious memories or signifying special events of her life. She told me that one day they would all belong to me and sure enough, I now have them. All kept in their place, smelling of her still and something me and my own daughter regularly look at.

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The jewellery I wear every day is pretty simplistic. I'm not a fan of statement pieces, though I love anything that's slight quirky in design. I wear my wedding and engagement ring and never take them off! I also wear my great grandmother's wedding ring on my thumb, a ring my dad got me when we went skiing in Finland (its design is based on a glacier). I always wear a watch, a have a few but always seem to end up wearing the same one. My newest addition to my collection and something I now wear daily is a beautifully simplistic rose gold ring from Sacet.

millennial rings

I had never heard of Sacet, before they reached out to me. However, as soon as I browsed their website, I fell for everything about them, their design, ethos and forward thinking.

rose gold millennial jewellery

Sacet pride themselves on making buying designer jewellery a truly beautiful experience accessible at a fair price.  All of their products are crafted using 100% recycled silver. They use ethically polished diamonds and gemstones, the packaging is made with eco-friendly materials. All jewellery is hand finished and custom made in an artisan workshop to reduce our carbon footprint. With a strong ethical stance against mass production, working conditions and cutting out the middleman this is one jewellery company that I will be using again for sure. I already have my eye on the stunning wave cuff.

When I received my ring, I was blown away by how my gorgeously minimalistic ring was presented. They included details regarding the makers of the jewellery, where they're from, their role, hobbies and even about their family. It was such a lovely touch and makes for a much more personal experience. 

I'm super happy with my latest edition and I'm so happy I have an ethically sourced ring to add.

ethically sourced millennial jewellery

K Elizabeth xoxox

*I was sent this ring for the purpose of the review. All thoughts and opinions, as always, are my own.


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